Equipment Overview

image5Water source:tap water or well(at disaster)Two lines Corresponding Power voltage: 220.240 VAC Power source: In-house power generation and commercial Two lines correspondon , reserve tank , pu ng iWater quality:pure water (for drinking) configuration:source tank , water purificatiIndoor use only(5.35 ℃,relative humid 80% or less) control:sequence control and remote monitoring


  • The runs as beverage supply equipment for the facility users to normal times.It is a drinking water can provide water purification equipment as one of the disaster-

    prevention facility in the region are also open to the general disaster.

  • Tap water and water source is compatible with well water. If purifies tap water, tapwater was supplied to the stop disaster, it is a device that can take advantage of well

    water at all times.

  • That can be provided as a beverage, it is the world’s highest water level, water quality isrunning as a drinking water plant if features a bottling line.
  • If you are using the ozone generator of low power in the sterilization of water, we canalso energy-saving measures.

    And control has been monitored by the remote, you can manage with confidence even at

    the installation of the distant land.

Other point

  • Correspondence of the device specification, can be selected and filter fine-grainedcontrol in response to climate and water quality.
  • After installation, contract of maintenance, experienced staff on a regular basis are compatible.


  • Water source:tap water or well
  • Power voltage: 220.240 VAC
  • Water quality:pure water(for drinking)
  • Configuration:source tank ,water purification , reserve tank , pump etc.
  • Indoor use only(5.35 ℃ , relative humid 80% or less)

Remote monitoring system

Systematization is inevitable in order to the purpose of stable supply of good quality water safe and secure, so data is needed in order to measure and evaluate constantlyhygiene and stability, uptime, etc.. But to put in 24 hours a day personnel it is not easy. For monitoring technology and judgment is important, it is desired to become a safety equipment to monitor even from afar built to control the remote monitoring system. Also, it makes it possible to provide an opportunity to receive guidance in order to improve the water purification technology Mongolia.

That there may be a power failure occurs frequently, installing the power supply of small-scale backup for private power generation of the control system retained to accommodate it.

Conditions for the equipment installation

  • base:concrete
  • Floor:resin painting(Coating thickness:3.0mm)for food processing plant
  • lighting:It is workable environment.
  • Air condition:Necessary facilities(for pipe freeze protection)

Steps to operation from the survey

  1. Field survey /Water quality inspection /Experiment in the country and local
  2. Determination of detailed specifications
  3. Completion of the experiment/Consideration of Equipment and design/Consideration of Operation method
  4. Approval
  5. Equipment production (Commissioning in Japan)
  6. Transport
  7. installation , commissioning
  8. Start of operation
  9. start of Maintenance